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On this day in 1990, AHMC began its quest to be the industry leader in outdoor sponsorships by opening its doors and pioneering the first-ever corporate Sponsor A Highway® Program in over 30 different markets and 24 states.

Our growth and prosperity have been a direct result of years of hard work from AHMC’s dedicated employees, the commitment and belief in the program by AHMC’s incredible sponsors, long-lasting partnerships with State Departments of Transportation, and the innovative spirit that our company continues to bring…

It is with gratitude and great appreciation that we thank every Sponsor, DOT, AHMC employee, family member, friend, and supporter who has helped us get to this monumental achievement.

Our Mission

We are media with a story.

We are passionate about the work we do with state departments of transportation, partnering businesses large and small, and the communities in which we serve.

Through innovation and honesty, Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation’s® story motivates our Sponsors to join in the fight against litter. Our dedication to superior service toward our local communities is making roadways across the nation safer and cleaner for our families, friends, and fellow citizens…

“One Mile at a Time”


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