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The Angus Barn – Been in the program since 2012

“The Angus Barn Experience goes far beyond serving meals… We are in the memory-making business – making and creating unforgettable memories for you, our guests. Thank you for choosing Angus Barn to be part of the events that shape your life.” – Van Eure, Owner.


(Sign located on I-40 East, just East of Miami Boulevard in Morrisville)

They do more than participate in the Sponsor-A-Highway Program when it comes to helping contribute to a cleaner environment. Since 1989, they have proudly led the restaurant industry in reducing the carbon footprint that threatens the beauty and well-being of our planet. Their initiatives include:

  • Recycling EVERYTHING! In addition to the basics (cardboard, aluminum, glass, and plastic), the restaurant also recycles wine corks and old tablecloths.
  • All Biodegradable waste is converted to compost.
  • Meat scraps go to a CCI (Carnivore Conservation Institute), a non-profit carnivore rescue center, to help feed wolves, lions, tigers, and many others.
  • Oil used in fryers is converted to biodiesel fuel for trucks.
  • Water usage has been decreased by 6,000 gallons a day.
  • Energy consumption has been reduced by 8% by installing energy-efficient equipment & controls.
  • The Pavillion was built from reclaimed materials dating back to the 1600’s.
  • Supporting local vendors is strongly encouraged to reduce fuel consumption.
  • The herbs the restaurant uses to cook come from their garden.




North Carolina Sponsor A Highway Program

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