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What an exciting and truly special moment for the Adopt-A-Highway Program to be getting national recognition not only for its development and evolution, but for its wonderful success over the years!

CBS recently made an admiral tribute to the Adopt-A-Highway Program and we’re absolutely thrilled that our sponsors and local volunteers are getting the recognition that they deserve for their contributions across the nation!

The history of the program began on March 9, 1985, 29 years ago, when the first Adopt-A-Highway sign went up in Tyler, Texas committing its members to cleaning up litter along a two-mile stretch of highway. Over the years the program has developed and evolved from one state to another, providing new volunteer programs and public private partnerships all across the nation.

Groups, individuals, and businesses alike, have proudly adopted highways from coast to coast! These groups and adopted highways have found their way into popular culture and are setting the standard for environmental awareness and community involvement.

As the article quotes:

“The Adopt-A-Highway theme even showed up in an episode of “Seinfeld,” when Cosmo Kramer declared, “As of today I am the proud parent of a one-mile stretch of the Arthur Berkhardt Expressway. I’m part of the solution now.”

Though the TV Kramer took his pride of highway ownership to disastrous extremes, the real-life volunteers who work along our roadsides are serious and dedicated, willing to clean-up the messes others leave behind for nothing more than the recognition bestowed by a simple sign.”

Such an amazing thing that people come together for the greater good, to give back to their communities and support a clean environment.

These groups and organizations deserve every bit of recognition for supporting this program and believing in what great things it will bring for our future.

A very special THANK YOU from Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation.

We couldn’t do it without you!


For more information and to read the entire article please visit CBS News or follow
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