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If you are unfamiliar with IEG, Inc., they are a great resource for keeping up to date with the latest industry trends directly related to corporate sponsorships and sponsorship spending. AHMC is subscribed to IEG and frequently refers to their website for getting good, current, useful, practical, and relevant information as we learn, grow, and progress as a company. Their expertise even extends further to cover topics such as branded entertainment, strategic alliances, promotional partnerships, cobranding initiatives, and strategic philanthropy.

This month, IEG released an article on their “IEG Sponsorship Report” about the Automotive Industry, breaking down which auto manufacturers spend the most on corporate sponsorships and how much of their sponsorship budgets are being spent where.

In the sponsorship world, there are a lot of different areas in which businesses can allocate their spending. These different areas include sports, entertainment, causes, arts, festivals, and events. This could be anything from sponsorship of a specific sporting event or athlete to sponsorships that support environmental causes and programs like Sponsor A Highway.

Below, we created a chart using the information IEG published to show which auto manufacturers are spending the most in which sponsorship categories.


As you can see, General Motors and Toyota are the top spenders on sponsorships in the auto industry, and the sports category by far dominates any other category that auto manufacturers invest in.

What does this information tell you?

With so many different ways to invest your company’s advertising dollars, statistics like this one again show that sponsorship spending is on the rise. While the “Causes” category may come in a close third, the ever-pressing subject of corporate social responsibility and sponsorships for the betterment of our communities and environment are a great example of how Sponsor A Highway is an inexpensive and proven method of advertising THAT WORKS for your business.

Think about what your advertising and marketing goals are for the future and consider the opportunities that lie in sponsorships, especially those that go toward a great cause, improve our communities and environment, and can help brand your business through effective methods of corporate social responsibility.

For more information about IEG, Inc. and to read their full article, follow the link here or visit their website at

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