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car vision

Car Vision is keeping 20 miles of highway cleaner and safer for drivers throughout Pennsylvania.

As a company that cares, Car Vision is always looking for new ways to reach out to the community and give back. When President Dean Cafiero heard about the Pennsylvania Sponsor A Highway® Program, he knew that this was the perfect opportunity for Car Vision to help out.

As a highway sponsor, Car Vision funds litter-removal services along their sponsored area of the highway. By sponsoring 20 signs, the team at Car Vision is responsible for funding cleanup services along 20 miles of highway throughout Pennsylvania.

Thankful for the growth and success of their company over the years, Dean Cafiero and his wife believe it is important to give back to the community. For the team at Car Vision, sponsoring multiple segments of the highway is a way to show appreciation to the community that has supported their business through the years.

Joining the team of highway sponsors has made Car Vision a leader in the corporate social responsibility movement, and Dean Cafiero and his wife hope to encourage other dealerships in the area to follow suit. As you drive throughout Pennsylvania, keep a lookout for the Car Vision sponsor signs, and understand that each is a commitment to keeping all drivers safer as they travel throughout the state.

Car Vision is a husband and wife-owned dealership that strives to offer the best customer experience at the best prices on a variety of different makes and models. Whether you’re window-shopping or looking to make a purchase, the team at Car Vision looks at each potential customer like family. The team works hard to create a positive and memorable car-buying experience.

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