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It all began in 1964 when Truett Cathy perfected the iconic Chick-Fil-A® Chicken Sandwich. Something that seems as simple and delicious as their signature sandwich was a revolutionary idea at the time. With a mouthwatering menu selection and friendly staff, the company continues to increase in popularity. In a growing industry, it is astounding that Truett Cathy stood firm in his decision to keep all locations closed every Sunday. Most restaurant owners would be more than reluctant to remain closed for one day each week due to the fear of revenue loss. However, this does not seem to be an issue for the company or its loyal patrons. Customers that have visited any of the 2,100 locations would agree that the healthy grilled, and organic options keep the whole family coming back Monday through Saturday.

Not only is Chick-Fil-A known for keeping customers satisfied with delicious and fresh food, but they are also finding ways to improve their sustainability efforts as well. One of the ways that Chick-Fil-A has improved its environmental footprint is through using rPET fabric for all polos that the employees wear. This fabric is made from recycled plastic bottles, thus making itself a leader in the zero-waste movement within the restaurant industry.

To add to their corporate social responsibility efforts, Chick-Fil-A in Sparks City has recently become one of the newest sponsors in the Nevada Sponsor A Highway® Program. We are excited to begin our partnership with a company that understands the importance of giving back to not only the environment but also their community at large. By deciding to keep a segment of the I-80 Highway clean, they are ensuring safe travel for all who drive on this stretch of highway. Finding a company with the desire to increase its corporate social responsibility could not be a better fit with the Adopt A Highway® Maintenance Corporation’s core values.

We look forward to continuing this partnership for years to come.

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For more information about the Nevada Sponsor A Highway® Program or to sponsor your own sign call: 800-200-0003.