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Every year people around the world strive to make the earth a better and safer environment to live in. The Earth Day Network has begun a campaign called “A Billion Acts of Green” where people are coming together from all parts of the world to pledge one of these acts for the upcoming year.

Adopt a Highway Maintenance Corporation and its sponsors have been working hard to help improve the environment by cleaning up trash along major roadways throughout the US. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of the sponsors that have been involved in the program for making every day Earth Day and we look forward to continuing our pledge to improve our roadways and keep our communities clean.

Below are some statistics of trash removed by AHMC in past years:

Make a commitment for Earth Day this year and if hard pressed to find the time or even the right project… then make a commitment to support the local businesses that are helping support our communities and earth every single day.

Follow the link below to create your act of green or to pledge one of the many acts others have already created:

Happy Earth Day!

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