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Every year on Earth Day, people take a moment to reflect on what they can do to keep our planet healthy. Fortunately, there are people who feel that one day is simply just not enough to make significant impact. Our sponsors support a program that pulled 144,094 bags of garbage off the highway last year, which is roughly the weight of 24 elephants! That’s nearly 240 tons! Not only are highways beautified, but trash is sorted and recycled. We do this all year long, and we have been doing it for over 23 years. So on this Earth Day, we would like to say thank you to all  our sponsors, who go beyond the day to make a difference for us all!

We also want to take a quick moment to give a shout out to some of our office staff here who also go a little bit out of their way to make a difference. Thank you, Carol Blunden, Joe De La Riva, and Brian Szatkowski! Our office superstars who are not only constantly competing with each other for our empty soda cans but they also e-cycle old batteries, keeping them out of landfills where they turn into hazardous waste! Every little bit helps, and when you have a lot of people doing a little bit, the difference is huge!


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