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Remember that little symbol above? It stood for “Ecology”. Since the early 70’s, getting involved with issues related to our environment has grown steadily. Starting with that funny “e” symbol that looked like some Greek letter created in the 70’s by cartoonist Ron Cobb, all the way through today’s efforts with Global Warming, people have tried their best to care for our planet.

Since it’s beginning over 25 years ago, AHMC has continually promoted environmental efforts through our sponsorship program, which has helped to reduce the vast amount of litter along some of America’s major highways. The figures for the amount of litter collected are astounding. Below is an illustration of the amount of trash that was picked up by AHMC crews from January – March of this year alone!


Earth Day was first established nearly 50 years ago, April 22, 1970. Its purpose is to promote a clean environment that is healthy and sustainable. AHMC’s primary service, which is removing litter from our highways, begins with the environment in mind. So in essence, what we do as a company goes hand-in-hand with what Earth Day is all about, caring for our planet.

AHMC’s sponsorship program gives businesses the opportunity to promote the idea of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), which basically means taking responsibility for environmental and social well-being. Litter reduction, a major part of CSR, means a cleaner and better environment for everyone. It’s what we do best! It is our belief that every single piece of trash we pick up makes a huge difference.

The Sponsor A Highway® Program is a smart and effective way to connect a company’s brand to environmental change through the beautification of communities across the country in the eyes of consumers. When you consider the fact that even a sponsor who joins in our program for a short-term, can make a huge difference in promoting positive social and environmental change within the community, it means that we truly are partners with our sponsors in every sense of the word to make our environment cleaner.

As strong supporters of environmental issues, we encourage everyone to take part in celebrating Earth Day, to learn more and to find out how you can take action and do your part.

Happy Earth Day friends.

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