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Since the inception of our programs, which include Adopt A Highway®, Sponsor A Highway® and Adopt A Beach®, our focus has been on keeping our environment litter-free. Over the years, these types of programs have helped remove tons of trash from highways and beaches across the country. These programs wouldn’t be possible without the valuable support of businesses that understand the importance of a clean environment. We are grateful for their ongoing support year after year.

The environment is a major concern to a lot of people, especially this time of year, when we focus on Earth Day, which takes place annually on April 22. This year’s focus is on ending plastic pollution. We’ve all seen the plastic water bottles littering various public places as well as along the highways we drive. But the problem actually goes much deeper than that. It’s not just the plastic trash, but what is in the plastic itself.

End Plastic Pollution

Did you know that many plastic products contain elements that can be quite harmful, not just to the environment, but to all living things, people, marine life, animals etc. These elements are known as microplastics. The name itself defines just how small these elements are…microscopic. They are so small that they evade most filters that are designed to prevent harmful elements from passing through and getting into our drinking water supply.

So where do these microplastics come from? One major form of this is known as microfiber, which is used in the manufacture of consumer products synthetic fabrics like nylon and polyester, which in turn is used to manufacture some clothing. And when these types of fabrics are washed, these microfibers are released every time we launder our clothes, which in turn, releases them into the environment.

There is much to learn about this and if you would like to learn more, go to the Earth Day web site.

Happy Earth Day!