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With locations all across the U.S., Café Rio is known for its amazing culture, amazing people, and delicious food that will keep you coming back for more. With no freezers or microwaves in any of their restaurants, their food is always made from the highest quality and freshest ingredients!


Café Rio Fun Facts:

•Every tortilla is made from scratch, hand-rolled, and cooked while you watch.

•Cafe Rio restaurants have no freezers or microwaves…  All products are prepared fresh daily in their open-view kitchens.

•Cafe Rio’s sauces, salad dressings, and guacamole are prepared fresh each day.  Avocados are hand-scooped, making their beans and rice from scratch each morning.

•All meat is USDA Choice grade poultry, pork, and beef.  Steak and beef are aged on average for 21 days to provide unsurpassed flavor and tenderness.

• Their recipes have been perfected over many years and are valuable trade secrets.  Recipes are locked in a safe every night, and their spice formula is kept in a safe deposit box.

•Each Cafe Rio restaurant squeezes up to 1,000 limes daily – fresh lime juice is one of the key ingredients.

•Fresh Roma tomatoes are hand-chopped every morning.

FREE MEAL: At Cafe Rio, they reward your loyalty.  After ten meals, your 11th meal is FREE!



Initially joining the Adopt A Highway program in California in 2010, Café Rio has recently joined the Sponsor A Highway Program in Colorado, taking advantage of the new Ramp Program that began this summer! Not only does Café Rio strive to provide the best food made from the highest quality ingredients, but they are also working hard to give back to the community in an environmentally effective way.

From the beginning, Café Rio’s philosophy has always been to serve the best Mexican food; today, that philosophy still stands true!

“Every meal is a masterpiece!”

For more information or to find a Café Rio near you, visit their website at

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