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One of Fence & Deck Connection’s core principles is to give back to the communities their team has been serving for more than 30 years, including cleaner, safer highways for their communities as well.

Fence & Deck Connection is sponsoring a 1-mile segment through the Maryland Sponsor A Highway® Program to keep the highways litter-free and cleaner, and safer for motorists.

Fence & Deck Connection

As a leading fence and deck company in the state, Fence & Deck Connection understands the value and importance of giving back. Each year, the company chooses a different charity to raise money and awareness for during their Annual Holiday Drive.

As a partner with the Maryland Sponsor A Highway® Program, Fence & Deck Connection is funding highway beautification services in Annapolis. The sponsorship will fund Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® (AHMC)’s professional cleaning crews to conduct litter removal services along their sponsored segment.

The team at AHMC loves partnering with small businesses like Fence & Deck Connection that care about the community they serve and the surrounding environment. With Fence & Deck Connection’s commitment, AHMC can grow the Maryland Sponsor A Highway® Program and provide more litter removal services throughout the state.

Fence & Deck Connection strives to provide exceptional service and craftsmanship and live up to its slogan, “Customer satisfaction is our #1 priority.”

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