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Ferra’s Automotive Services

As an automotive service company that has been in the car repair business since 1945, the team understands the importance of a long-term commitment to serving their customers and the community. For this reason, the team is excited to sponsor litter-removal services along Route 28 and the William Flinn Highway in Pennsylvania.

As a sponsor in the Pennsylvania Sponsor A Highway® Program, Ferra’s Automotive is funding litter-removal services that keep the highways cleaner and safer. Both drivers and local wildlife can benefit from an environment in which highway sponsors promote litter awareness. By working to decrease litter along our roadways, Ferra’s Automotive Services is improving the environment to create a cleaner and more inviting community to enjoy.

The Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® is proud to have the support of a business that believes in the importance of drivers’ safety, as well as environmental awareness. As you drive around Pittsburgh, be sure to look out for their recognition signs, located along the shoulder of the highway. It’s because of businesses like theirs that the Pennsylvania Sponsor A Highway® Program can grow and thrive.

Since 1945, they have prided themselves on caring for their customers. From towing and roadside assistance to automotive repairs, Ferra’s Automotive Services is a one-stop shop for their customers’ auto maintenance needs. As a business that has been in the same location for the last 70 years, the team at Ferra’s Automotive Services cares for the community and strives to ensure everyone can enjoy a safe drive.







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