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Here at AHMC, you’ll find a group of people who are, to say the least, extremely hard-working and dedicated to their jobs. On a typical day throughout the office, you’ll see us with our phones to our ears, our eyes on our computer screens, and our fingers madly typing away at our keyboards. BUT… every once in a while, we like to keep ourselves from going crazy by going just a little bit crazy…

Holidays are a special time at AHMC. They tend to bring out the best in every one since we’re usually focused on our usual day-to-day, and Halloween is no exception. This year, for our ghoulish celebration, many of our employees seemed to stay home for the day, and a wide array of characters showed up at our office in their place…

A group took us back in time to the Roaring 20’s, a bunch of characters from Star Wars showed up, a couple of “bungling burglars”, Ms. Pacman and her ghouls, and we even had a Roller Coaster came through the office!

A delicious lunch was served, costumes were judged for prizes, and the day was topped off with a scavenger hunt in our office. To the casual observer, the way everyone was running around, I can only imagine it must have looked like everyone’s life suddenly depended on finding a way to cut the correct wire from a ticking time bomb!

It was quite a sight…

Overall, the day was a lot of fun. Some of us have already started planning our costumes for next year. Now we just need to finish off all that leftover candy!

Enjoy some of the fun we had with the slideshow below!

Happy Halloween & Dia De Los Muertos from AHMC to you!


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