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Sustainability Drives Business Success

While improving sustainability efforts is crucial for all businesses in 2018, it is still a concept that many find puzzling. To clear things up, let’s define the enigma that is “sustainability.” This term encompasses ways to preserve natural resources by producing less waste. One thing to realize is that such a broad definition invites a million creative methods to implement better environmental business practices into routine tasks. You can choose to make substantial or minute improvements that won’t affect the day-to-day business nearly as much. This is an opportunity to get creative and trust me when I say; your customers will thank you!

Customers Crave Change

Did you know that “33% [of customers] buy a product because they believe it is doing social or environmental good” (Marketing Week, 2017)? Customers today are not looking for products simply based on price and style, but rather how they give back to the community. Merely being a business with an outstanding product will not make you an industry titan; therefore businesses in all industries must find new ways to grasp their customer’s interest. According to an article written by Sara Vizard, “One in five (customers) say they would choose a brand if its sustainability credentials were made clearer on packaging or in marketing” (Marketing Week, 2017). Let’s forget about the concept of giving back to the environment for a minute and start thinking about the business benefits instead. Based on this research, revenue can increase by 20% purely by centering the company to become more… dare I say it— sustainable!

Sustainability in Your Business

Given that increased sustainability efforts are the new wave of business, there are no standards for what each company is required to do. You can install solar panels, or even find ways to decrease wasteful packaging. Some companies have taken a liking to programs that encourage customers to return their used products that will be refurbished into something sellable once again. It’s your chance to break the mold and introduce sustainability initiatives that best fit your business! No one knows your business better than you, so this is your opportunity to find the most effective ways to bring your company to new levels of success. If there is one thing that we have observed through researching sustainable products, it’s that they are all unique. Every company does something different, and customers seem thrilled by it all. Our society craves a shift to a more mindful world, so why shouldn’t your company give the people what they want?

Connect with Us!

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