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It’s no secret that nonrenewable energy sources such as natural gas, coal, and oil are bad for the environment. These fossil fuels release large amounts of carbon dioxide into the air, contributing to global warming and pollution.

To highlight the dangers of fossil fuels and raise awareness of clean energy, National Renewable Energy Day is celebrated annually on March 21.

Even if your company works in the fossil fuel industry or relies on fossil fuels, you can still contribute to the environment in other ways and make a difference. By partnering with Adopt a Highway Maintenance Corporation® to Sponsor a Highway®, companies can make a positive impact on the following:

  • Environmental social governance (ESG) – a set of standards for a company’s behavior used by socially conscious investors.
  • Corporate social responsibility (CSR) – a self-regulating business model that helps a company be socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders, and the public.

When your organization invests in ESG and CSR, you show consumers that you care about the environment and act responsibly. Through highway sponsorships, thousands of miles of roadways are cleaned, and hundreds of thousands of pounds of litter are collected nationwide. Adopt a Highway’s professionally trained cleaning crews will remove the litter on your organization’s sponsored segments.

For the greatest environmental impact, Adopt a Highway has found that it’s effective for companies to sponsor multiple regions throughout the country rather than just one area. Sponsoring a highway is a data-driven way to help the environment and showcase your commitment to positive change. Your corporation will receive the following:

  • Annual data projections for ESG and CSR
  • Improved ESG and CSR ratings
  • Infographics and data for your company’s sustainability reports, carbon offset valuations, and annual reports.
  • Sponsorship signs nationally, regionally, or locally
  • Sponsorship Recognition Package that includes press, digital, print, and social media

Are you ready to travel on the road to sustainability? In honor of National Renewable Energy Day, commit to making a change! Contact us at 1-800-200-003 or visit to learn more.