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All across the country, our sponsors and crew members are making a difference. Still, this year, the Indiana Department of Transportation has slotted its annual “Trash Bash” for April 5-27 to coincide with National Earth Day as an additional way to raise awareness for litter on our roadways.


In a recent article published by WBIW, Adopt-A-Highway, and Sponsor A Highway groups, organizations, and businesses are being recognized for their cleanup efforts in Indiana.

In 2013, more than 20,678 bags of trash were collected from over 3,400 miles of Indiana roadways by AHMC and INDOT maintenance crews, as well as 1,633 volunteers.

That’s over 100 TONS of litter weighing in at the equivalent of 77 cars or 50 SUVs!!


Four ways that you can help:

1.) Don’t Litter! – Set a good example for everyone, and don’t litter our roadways with trash.

2.) Be Responsible! – Carry a trash bag in your car instead of throwing trash out your window.

3.) Report Trash! – Report drivers that throw trash out their windows and call your local DOT about areas with excessive trash.

4.) Join the Cleanup! – Help keep our roadways safe and looking beautiful by joining the Sponsor A Highway Program TODAY!

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