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For the first time, Earth Day is continuing the important work of last year’s theme, “Invest In Our Planet,” for 2023. The theme is focused on engaging governments, institutions, businesses, and citizens to do their part for the planet.

Two of the main focuses of this theme are near and dear to Adopt a Highway Maintenance Corporation: end plastics and clean up litter.

Earth Day’s End Plastic Pollution campaign educates people on the harmful effects of plastic pollution, including littering beaches, landscapes, and roads. Additionally, people worldwide participate in cleanups, collectively known as The Great Global Cleanup, to remove waste and plastic pollution.

Adopt a Highway Maintenance Corporation is also passionate about removing waste. In 2022, our professionally trained cleaning crews cleaned 59,337 miles of highway, which included more than 1.3 million pounds of litter. We were able to clean up this litter thanks to the businesses who cared about the environment and joined our Sponsor a Highway program, currently available in 25 states.

 “We only have one environment, and it should really be a team effort among energy companies to protect and keep it clean. That’s why I choose to Sponsor A Highway,” said Barry Moore, CEO of Moore Energy in Pennsylvania.

Ultimately, businesses across the U.S. invest in the planet when they sponsor a highway.

“Our support of the Adopt a Highway Program is another way for us to support our community by helping keep our environment clean and representative of the city where we live and do business,” said the Chief Marketing Executive of the Dallas Mavericks.

Organizations that sponsor a highway, like Moore Energy and the Dallas Mavericks work with our team to find the best locations to place their sponsorship signs. We have exclusivity to place our signs on 630 major highways, where litter removal is most needed.

This Earth Day, “Invest in Our Planet” by partnering with Adopt a Highway. Contact us at 1-800-200-0003 or visit our website to get started. We would love to work with you!