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Raleigh, North Carolina— Johnson Automotive believes all drivers should have the right to enjoy a safe and scenic highway. For this reason, Johnson Automotive has committed to giving back to the community by joining the team of highway sponsors in the North Carolina Sponsor A Highway® Program.

The team at Johnson Automotive believes in creating an incomparable car buying experience from the moment customers walk through the door, to their drive home in their brand-new ride. With this goal in mind, they are making it their mission to keep the highways safer and cleaner around their community. How do they make this possible? By sponsoring multiple highway signs through the North Carolina Sponsor A Highway® Program.

As a highway sponsor,they assumes the cost of litter-removal efforts along with sponsored segments throughout the eastern half of the state. Trained professionals of the Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® handle the cleaning on behalf of Johnson Automotive for graciously funding highway cleanup costs in the North Carolina Sponsor A Highway® Program.

As stated by Erick Kirks, Marketing Director of Johnson Automotive, “Johnson Automotive cares deeply about our communities. To expand our brand awareness, we wanted to take a different approach than traditional marketing tactics and immediately saw the value-add in partnering with Adopt a Highway. This partnership has provided us with highly visible signage while also displaying to the public our commitment to the environment and willingness to invest in reducing litter in our state. We intend to continue and grow this partnership indefinitely.”

Johnson Automotive now has a total of eight locations stretching across North Carolina, all of which are equipped to find car buyers the ride of their dreams.  Whether you’re looking for the fuel efficiency of a Honda, or the luxury of a Porsche, Johnson Automotive is sure to have a vehicle for everyone!  The goal of the Johnson Automotive team is to be the best car dealership amongst all other competitors while promoting roadway safety and cleanliness.

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Johnson Subaru Sponsor Panel alongside a clean highway with car in the distance