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In the fast-moving pace of today’s digital world, it becomes increasingly difficult for small businesses to create cost-effective and specific marketing campaigns that generate leads. While social media has become a popular way of reaching target audiences because of its high exposure and low cost, it is challenging for companies in the B2B sector to successfully reach their target audiences via Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest. Thanks to LinkedIn’s updated B2B marketing tools, it is becoming easier for such companies to utilize social media marketing.


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In April 2017, LinkedIn released a new feature called “Matched Audiences”. According to Eva Chau, LinkedIn’s Senior Product Manager, this feature essentially “helps increase return on investment by enabling you to focus your efforts on the audiences and accounts that are most likely to drive revenue.” The newest release of B2B marketing features includes contact list targeting, account targeting, and retargeting website visitors.

LinkedIn’s Contact List Targeting Feature allows you to upload a list of e-mails from your company database to create a highly specified audience. LinkedIn then matches that list to the user accounts connected to those e-mails, and your content appears on their page. This feature is extremely useful for small businesses because it provides a cost-effective way to ensure your message reaches the right audience.


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The Account Targeting Feature is similar to the Contact List Feature, as both allow you to curate a specific audience, but they differ because rather than uploading a list of e-mails, you can upload a list of companies you want your advertising to reach. This feature then directs your content to the selected companies’ decision makers.


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Finally, LinkedIn released a new Web Retargeting Feature. LinkedIn provides you with a specific piece of code that you then install on your website. From there, the code works to retarget visitors to your LinkedIn page. Similarly to LinkedIn’s other features, you can create audience parameters for web retargeting. For example, if your company has created a campaign targeted specifically to IT professionals, you can insert that into your audience parameters, and LinkedIn’s web retargeting will work to redirect those professionals to you.

LinkedIn is one of the most effective platforms for generating leads for B2B marketing. Whether you are a small, family-owned and operated business or a large, nationally based corporation, because of the large number of professionals with LinkedIn accounts and profiles, it is easier than ever to ensure your content reaches your target audience.

When it comes to small businesses like Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation®, it is especially important that we make sure our marketing dollars are being spent effectively and efficiently. Thanks to LinkedIn’s updated B2B marketing tools, we now have the opportunity to reach more decision makers resulting in more conversions and increased sales!

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