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When it comes to B2B marketing and even B2C marketing, we are repeatedly being forced to find innovative ways to get our message out to the right people in an effective, content driven manner. Business environments tend to be overloaded with seas of information and it’s often difficult for decision makers to sift through all the clutter and narrow down the message that resonates directly with them.

That’s where the power of storytelling comes into play and B2B marketing is the perfect arena to take hold of this concept and slingshot ourselves past all the “junk” and right into the hands of the people that matter most.

In order to effectively reach your target business owner, it is first important to fully understand the problems they face and to get an overall perspective of their general needs. Everyone wants a solution… From consumers to business owners, “if you can’t fix my problem I’m not interested!”

By understanding their needs up front, you can easily tailor a message along with your product or service that offers them a perfectly reasonable solution.

… THAT is the story.

Sometimes we forget that it’s not always about having the best product or lowest price when we put our message out there, but that it’s more important to have the “right” one.

If an outdoor media company tries to sell me and my business on why I should advertise with them, price is absolutely something I’ll take into consideration, but if they are only touching on the fact that they have the best product and lowest price… well, how is that going to benefit me if I’m already using other methods of advertising? On the other hand, if they can explain to me why outdoor is actually less expensive than my current advertising method in terms of CPM, or how an outdoor presence for my particular business will be more beneficial than say, an online presence and why… They might have me going there.

People resonate with the things that are relevant to them or their business. Yes, we all want a deal, but it’s not always about the price.

More times than not, it’s about having the RIGHT product or service that appeals to the needs of businesses and consumers, and the only way that a business owner will know that you have the right product or service for them, is to properly convey that message in
your story.


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