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There is one day each year that is celebrated annually on the first Friday in March; National Employee Appreciation Day is a day for companies, both large and small, to recognize and thank their employees for all the effort and hard work they do throughout the year.

It goes without saying that employees are the backbone of nearly every company operating in today’s business environment. Studies show that employees who are recognized and/or acknowledged, tend to be more motivated, do better work, and are less inclined to leave for another job.

Typically on National Employee Appreciation Day, a company might do something special for their employees such as providing a catered lunch, a small gift or token of appreciation, an office party, or (my personal favorite), a Sundae Bar! It’s for this reason that the people who work for AHMC would probably agree it’s a pretty great place to work.

We are very fortunate that the leadership group here provides acknowledgement for employees’ work throughout the year, and not just on one particular day. For example, AHMC will occasionally have a pizza lunch for the company and once a month we celebrate all employees’ birthdays with cake and singing a hearty round of “Happy Birthday to You.” Most recently, the company threw a baby shower for an employee complete with a catered lunch for everyone. “Golden Tickets” are awarded for exceptional performance and providing support to colleagues which can win you iPads, cash, paid days off, and more!

It can make a world of difference for someone to feel appreciated and valued by the company they work for with simple gestures of thanks for the contributions they make.

If your company is looking for some suggestions on some affordable Employee Appreciation Day ideas, check out this list from

On behalf of all employees everywhere, we salute you; the workforce ‘Behind the Business’.

Happy National Employee Appreciation Day from our team to yours!

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