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Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® (AHMC), and its employees care very much about the environment and the betterment of our local communities. Not only have we dedicated our careers to these kinds of initiatives, but we also partner with some organizations geared toward the betterment and rejuvenation of local communities in cities and areas that are very much in need.

One program we partner with is the New York Restoration Project (NYRP). MillionTreesNYC is an innovative, public-private initiative with a significant and ambitious goal – to plant and care for one million new trees across the city’s five boroughs. Led by NYRP and the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation (NYC Parks), the initiative maintained momentum and sped up two years ahead of its original schedule and is now set to complete by 2015.

MillionTreesNYC brings the many environmental, health, social, and economic benefits trees provide to all facets of city life. It has become a citywide movement that is engaging and energizing New Yorkers of every background and interest in not only planting trees and fostering more tremendous respect for the city’s urban forest but in volunteerism, environmental education, and public policies that will lead to a more beautiful, healthy and more sustainable New York City.

Since 1996 the NYRP has strived to revitalize and restore the beautiful and memorable landscape of New York City and today…

They planted their MILLIONTH TREE!!

Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation and our President, Ms. Patricia Nelson have been donating to the New York Restoration Project with hopes and aspirations that they will meet their hard-earned goal, and today they did just that!

We are so proud of what this organization has accomplished in such a short period and don’t want their hard work to go unrecognized! If you live in New York City, look out your window this evening because you will see the Empire State Building painted green in honor of this incredible milestone!