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The Outdoor Advertising Association of America (OAAA) has always been a go-to resource for AHMC regarding out of home (OOH) mediums and the success of outdoor advertising in today’s business climate.

One thing business owners tell our market managers time and time again is that they’re already using other forms of media for their current advertising campaigns such as TV, internet, radio, and print; therefore, why would they spend more money on outdoor advertising when they feel it just doesn’t make sense for them?

In a recent brochure called “How OOH Amplifies Your Message”, OAAA covers how Out of Home surrounds and immerses its audiences, creating additional reach for businesses to get their message directly to consumers.

In the brochure, OAAA explains that when Out of Home is added to a company’s overall media plan, it can extend the campaign’s reach at a lower cost and a higher ROI. What is most interesting, however, is Out of Home’s ability to amplify a company’s current advertising campaign by improving effectiveness, reinforcing creativity, increasing interaction and engagement, making the message more personal and impactful, and by driving the consumer further down the purchase funnel.

All of this can be done by positioning your Out of Home message in a relevant and contextual way that directly targets the consumer’s daily life.

The benefit to Out of Home amplification is that it can target audiences while they’re driving, taking public transportation, on their lunch hour, shopping, working out, going to movies, etc. Unlike many other advertising mediums, consumers don’t have a choice whether or not they want to see your message. Out of Home forces people to consume your message in their everyday environment and builds upon your other media components as they may not reach people as effectively as you’d like.

Consider this:

• Out of Home, when integrated with web search, video content, social media, and text messages, can complement a business’ other digital and social marketing efforts. This is because it allows consumers to interact with your brands away from home.

• Bus, train, taxi, subway, and highway advertising reaches commuters during critical parts of their day, before and after work, and during their weekend leisurely hours.

Out of Home can and WILL amplify your current advertising campaigns in just a few ways. Next time you and your business feel like Out of Home doesn’t make sense for your bottom line, reconsider and be mindful of how Out of Home can complement your current advertising efforts. OOH has a higher reach at a lower price, giving you a higher return on your investment.

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For more information about OAAA, visit their website, and to read the full brochure, follow the link here.

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