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After coming across an article about our Colorado Sponsor, eBags, AHMC would like to take this opportunity to congratulate them on their indisputable accomplishments throughout many years of adversity and hardship.

Diagnosed with a rare form of muscle cancer in 1998, Peter Cobb, eBags’ co-founder was given a 25% chance to live only three more years. When doctors informed him that his treatment had worked, he joined forces with a former colleague and decided to launch the startup company they called “eBags” which is now a retail site that sells luggage online.

The company was growing steadily until the September 11th terrorist attacks in 2001, which demolished air travel and luggage sales… directly affecting their online business. Putting things into perspective, Cobb and the others realized that there is more to the big picture than just the way the economy affects small businesses. As a result, eBags put a number of key business practices in place which helped them stay afloat while many well-established online retailers were forced to close down.

As a result of their efforts and hard work, the company’s sales are up 26% from the previous years and they are projected to continue that growth while laying out a strong foundation of business practices for other online retailers and small startup businesses that are trying to do the same.

eBags has been part of the Colorado Sponsor a Highway Program since the spring of 2010 and is continuing its involvement through 2012. We happily support their business for not only giving back to the community, but for being an inspiration and positive example for small businesses everywhere.

Whether you are an online retail store, a family-owned pizza shop, or a well-established corporation…  There will always be opportunity to grow your business like eBags, even during adversity and hardship. With Adopt a Highway being a small business our self, we can relate to a number of these complications that other companies and their employees are facing on a personal, and even a national scale.

Our goal is to always make sure our company and our employees, as well as all of our participating sponsors, are always coming out on top. We work hard to put strong and effective business practices in place to continue bettering ourselves, our sponsors, and the community one day at a time.

For more information about eBags you can visit their website at, or to view their article in the Denver Postclick here.

Vuong, Andy. “EBags, Co-founder Thriving After Overcoming Setbacks” The Denver Post. 21 May, 2012. Web. 23 May, 2012.

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