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Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau

Since joining the Pennsylvania Sponsor A Highway® Program in 2018, the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau has been working hard to ensure a safe and clean driving experience along interstates 80 and 380, leading to the Pocono Mountains. In the last year, the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau has funded the removal and disposal of an astonishing 3,560 bags of litter from the side of the highway.

Along with their commitment to removing litter on the interstates this past June, the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau, along with Pocono Mountains United Way, RHD Street 2 Feet Outreach Center, and the Monroe County Municipal Waste Management Authority created the Pocono Community Caring Company (Pocono 3C). The outcome of this collaboration totaled 3,472 bags of litter collected along with assisting 25 men and women in finding permanent housing as a result of participating in the program. Lastly, the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau conducted their second annual Pick Up the Poconos Day, in which 738 bags of litter were picked up by 371 volunteers. Those efforts resulted in a total of 7,770 bags of litter being removed from the region.

Clean roads will lead you into the Pocono Mountains experience, where you’ll find rustic campgrounds, crystal clear lakes, and freshly powdered slopes. Whether you are looking to relax while taking in the scenic beauty of Lake Wallenpaupack, shopping and exploring the town, or getting your adrenaline pumping with outdoor activities like snowboarding, hiking, or ziplining, you’ll find it all in the Pocono Mountains. If you want to learn more about other fun activities to do during your next visit to the Pocono Mountains, visit


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