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Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation and Royal Farms, a chain of convenience stores in the mid-Atlantic states, recently came together to determine the full impact that their company has made in its surrounding communities as well as on the environment since initially joining the Sponsor-A-Highway program back in 2008.

There’s no doubt that in Maryland, Delaware, and Pennsylvania (Royal Farms’ newest market), that Royal Farms has made the largest environmental impact of any sponsor in the program to date. Responsible for cleaning thousands of miles of roadway and removing more than 165 TONS of trash in the last 6 years, Royal Farms is an environmental leader within the communities and they deserve all the recognition in the world for these outstanding accomplishments.

In addition to keeping the roads near Royal Farms locations clean, all new Royal Farms stores (since 2010) have been constructed to the U.S. Green Building Council’s energy and water efficient “LEED” standards (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).  They even produce biodiesel from their waste fryer oil which they use to prepare their famous fresh, never frozen chicken, which is hand-breaded and prepared in stores!

As such, Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation has created a fun and informative infographic illustrating the environmental impact that Royal Farms has made.


“Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation knows first-hand that remarkable generosity must be talked about and must be acknowledged. It’s with this in mind that we thank and acknowledge Royal Farms, a family-owned convenience chain, for supporting numerous communities through their involvement in the Sponsor A Highway program. Royal Farms is directly responsible for the removal of over 31,300 bags of trash from Maryland and Delaware highways since joining the program in 2008. Royal Farms is also responsible for cleaning more miles of roadway than any other sponsor in the country!

In 2013 alone, Royal Farms cleaned over 2,500 miles of roadway, keeping them free of trash and debris, which AHMC crews picked up many times throughout the year. With an average of 525 bags of trash being removed each month, Royal Farms’ commitment to the community is keeping our roadways safe and looking beautiful every day.

We commend Royal Farms for being an environmental leader within in the communities they serve while raising environmental responsibility and awareness to others. We welcome businesses and individuals to be inspired by these incredible accomplishments and milestones. Royal Farms is truly making a difference and we are proud to have them as one of our nation’s leading sponsors.”

Patricia Nelson
President of Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation

For more information about the Sponsor A Highway Program click here.

For more information about Royal Farms and their environmental initiatives, visit their “Sustainability” tab at You can also contact their sustainability consultants, Lorax Partnerships at

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