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Since the tragedy of 9/11, SDF search teams have been called upon by state agencies across the country to serve as the first responders to numerous disasters, including hurricanes, earthquakes, mud slides, train derailments, and building collapses.  Whether responding to a major national disaster or one closer to home, SDF teams stand ready to serve.

Throughout the entire month of September, the Search Dog Foundation has been honoring our nation’s First Responders, both two- and four-legged, by inviting people to take part in their “We Have Not Forgotten Month.”People who want to get involved can visit the We Have Not Forgotten website and share with SDF what our nation’s firefighters, paramedics, police, and rescue workers mean to them.

Since 9/11, the Search Dog Foundation has taken its goodwill one step further by becoming a partner with the Adopt A Highway® Program, taking on yet another opportunity to give back to their local community. Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® is proud and honored that this unique and notable organization participates in our program. We want to give special recognition and many thanks to such a monumental cause.


The SDF sign is located along Route 126 in Ventura County, CA, where our crews will be removing trash and debris from the interstate for years.

Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® provides companies and organizations the opportunity to support the communities they live and work in through outdoor signage on America’s busiest highways. AHMC also partners with the Department of Transportation to obtain all the permits, contracts, and anything else needed to get a sponsor’s sign up on the highway. All the while, we are making sure that the roadways are maintained safely and consistently.

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