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Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation is excited to announce our newest market in Wyoming! The state has never had a highway sponsorship program before. Sponsorships will be available by mid-September for Sponsor A Highway Wyoming.

Sponsor A Highway Wyoming Program will allow small and large businesses to sponsor roadside maintenance in exchange for a monthly fee. The businesses’ will receive exposure from the recognition panel featuring their company name and logo as they help keep the environment clean. These signs will be located along urban highways, rural roadways, truck stops, and rest areas all over Wyoming.

The market will first focus on Cheyenne, Laramie, and Casper, but will continue to grow and expand into all of Wyoming as the program progresses. All across the vast plains of Wyoming are highways that you can sponsor and choose for the location of your sign. As one of the first businesses to join the Wyoming Sponsor A Highway Program, you can have the first pick of sign location.


The sign marks your community’s involvement and concern for helping the environment.  By becoming a sponsor through the Wyoming Sponsor A Highway Program, you are committing to making sure the highways, such as Yellowstone Road and Happy Jack Road are kept pristine and beautiful for the communities you cherish.

With over 3,600 as the average daily traffic (ADT) for 2014, hundreds of motorists will see your sign daily. We have newly designed signs for Wyoming to ensure your company name and logo appear large and clear. This added benefit to sponsorship can boost your brand visibility and respect within the communities of the Cowboy State.

To find out how your business can Sponsor A Highway Wyoming, request further information here.

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