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Asymmetrik is an action-driven technology and analytics partner enabling you to transform your industry’s day-to-day problems – and inefficiencies – into game-changing technical solutions for your customers.

Asymmetrik’s small team approach is precise and efficient, attacking your organization’s most intimidating challenges with an arsenal of tech expertise, deep-dive analytics, and practical know-how. We improve the efficiency of large enterprises by melding their domain expertise with our rapidly constructible/rapidly deployed enterprise-wide software solutions. The result:  Systems that evolve as quickly as our customers’ challenges.

Asymmetrik offers expertise in the following areas:

  • Analytic Tradecraft
  • Data Visualization
  • Enterprise Application Development
  • Fraud Protection
  • Real-Time Data Analytics
  • Social Media Analysis
  • Navigating Bureaucracy


In 2000, Amit Singh founded KANAK Consulting LLC, a “one-man shop” serving government clients – particularly those within the Department of Defense, DARPA, NASA, and the White House. In 2007, Amit and Mike Frentz, a colleague he’d worked with on multiple successful projects, decided to formally team up to expand the mission and scope of the company. In 2008, they adopted the trade name Asymmetrik, inspired by the concept of “asymmetric contribution” – the idea that minimal (but extremely talented) resources and unconventional approaches can bring about inordinate progress in advancing an organization’s mission.

Asymmetrik has a record of transforming fundamental(think “bread-and-butter”) processes within large organizations in a win-win scenario – by making available world-class expertise and a proprietary distributed requirements gathering process (known as SlipStream®) to organizations with whom they partner on a long-term continuing basis.

In August 2011, Asymmetrik transitioned into a corporation (Asymmetrik Ltd.), allowing it to evolve into an employee-owned company providing greater opportunity, security, and equity-sharing to grow and reward its world-class staff.


Asymmetrik’s customer mission is to improve “how our clients do business” by combining their knowledge of their industry with Asymmetrik’s technological and analytical expertise.

“We work with enterprises with important missions to increase the effectiveness of intrinsic processes – sometimes by order of magnitude.  What is possible when working in concert with the right partner.”

They have the process, equipment, methods, and, most importantly, the culture and colleagues that the modern software environment demands – and that most organizations (outside of Silicon Valley VC-funded firms) are hard-pressed to either build OR sustain. They provide this singular resource to work with their clients as exclusive partners for their industry – rapidly iterating towards what are otherwise unattainable solutions meeting the needs of a continually evolving business or mission, especially needed in today’s dynamic and unpredictable business environment.


Asymmetrik doesn’t just concern itself with the business environment. Their outdoor environment is also something that means a great deal to them. By participating in Adopt A Highway’s ® Sponsorship program, they are doing their part to help keep Maryland’s highways clean and litter free.

To learn more about Asymmetrik, visit them today on their web site.

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