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Because water is such an integral part of life, they take pride in taking care of it.

California American Water serves 630,000 people in 50 communities in the Northern, Central and Southern parts of the state. They supply high-quality water and treating and safely release wastewater. California American Water abides by regulations, invests in vast infrastructure, develops industry innovations, educates customers on wise water use, and helps out where they can in their cities and towns.

We are happy to announce California American Water joining the Adopt A Highway® program by adopting 2 new signs in the San Diego area. Just like their commitment to high quality water and their customers they are committed to the improvement of the environment.


The California Public Utilities Commission sets rules, and American Water carefully follows them. Those regulations help ensure everyone receives high-quality water and wastewater service at a fair price. All increases in service rates are directly related to the cost of providing high-quality service and are subjected to a public review process and approval by the California Public Utilities Commission.

California American Water is committed to delivering high-quality water to its customers. In California, they conduct approximately 47,000 tests per year for about 100 potential contaminants, checking drinking water quality at every stage of the water treatment and delivery process.

Being a good neighbor is part of American Water’s mission. They are dedicated to California and do make sure to show it. They give back where we can by supporting community education, projects, and events. We are pleased to have California American Water join the Adopt A Highway program by sponsoring a new sign in San Diego.

California American Water Volunteers

The volunteer endeavors are driven by the employees’ commitment to strengthen their communities through volunteer action and leadership. Each year, they give thousands of hours of their time and expertise to support the communities where they live and work and where American Water does business.


Community Giving
4 Areas of Focus:

Water and the Environment:
Innovative, community-based environmental projects that improve, restore, or protect their watersheds and communities’ surface and groundwater.

Water and Healthy Living:
Efforts that contribute to healthy communities by promoting access to safe water and sanitation, educating customers on the health benefits of water, and encouraging good hygiene practices.

Environmental Education:
Educational programs provide information about water conservation, water and wastewater treatment, the water cycle, watershed protection, and the environment.

Community Sustainability:
Projects that meet a definitive, sustainable community need, preferably aligned with American Water’s core business, and which enrich the lives of the residents who live and work in the communities they serve.

American Water recognizes the serious challenges of climate change, including the growing need to conserve and protect our water resources. We believe in investing in innovative programs that align with our core water and wastewater service business and are committed to working with community partners to develop sustainable solutions to local environmental issues.

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