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Curb Appeal From residential to commercial cleaning, Curb Appeal does it all! Whether it’s a contractor looking to wash their client’s home at the end of a project, or a resident trying to do some exterior power washing, Curb Appeal is there to help customers with all their exterior power cleaning needs. While the list of services that Curb Appeal offers is extensive, its reputation for excellent customer service and attention to detail set them apart. Owner Michael Getter and the whole team pride themselves on their glowing reviews received from customers all around Los Angeles.

As a company that cares about the community, the team could not be more excited to partner with the California Adopt A Highway® Program. Being a highway sponsor has allowed the community of Ventura to travel on safer and cleaner roads. Funding litter-removal efforts along the highway allows us to keep the roadways looking beautiful.

We at Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® are grateful to have the support of a company that understands the importance of keeping the community safe and aesthetically pleasing. Thank you, for deciding to become a partner in the California Adopt A Highway® Program. Your participation shows the community that curb appeal is an essential component, whether at home or on the road!

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For more information about California Adopt A Highway® Program or to sponsor your own sign call: 800-200-0003.