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Yeah, it’s fresh ™

At First Watch, they begin each morning at the crack of dawn, slicing fresh fruits and vegetables, baking muffins and whipping up their French toast batter from scratch. Everything is made to order, and freshness is never compromised. They don’t use heat lamps or deep fryers — they use only the finest ingredients possible for the freshest taste around.

When you arrive, you are welcomed with a pot — not just a cup — of their Project Sunrise coffee, along with complimentary newspapers and WiFi Internet access.

Our History

The year was 1983 and First Watch opened as a new Daytime Café – a first-of-its-kind restaurant serving breakfast, brunch and lunch only. The idea was that they would focus on daytime dining, and work to perfect it, without trying to moonlight as a dinner place. That’s right… For their staff, that meant no night shifts…Ever. They could leave work in time to pick up the kids from school, play a round of golf, get homework done, or simply enjoy the afternoon. That philosophy still exists in their restaurants today!

During their first few decades in business, they worked hard to build a reputation for quality, fresh food. They became so good at their warm, friendly welcomes that many people didn’t realize they were actually a growing restaurant chain. For a long time, their loyal customers thought they were their neighbourhood’s best kept little secret. Today, First Watch has restaurants popping up all across the United States. They like to think that they operate one really great neighbourhood café… which just happens to have multiple locations. They are able to execute on that premise for several reasons, but the primary reason is a concept we call YOU FIRST.

What are YOU FIRST? That’s their mission statement. Each day, we put their employees first and strive to make them happy. They are empowered with the independence to make decisions that will help provide an exceptional breakfast, brunch or lunch experience for their customers. When their teams take pride in their work, they pay it forward to their fellow team members and their valued customers, providing an enjoyable experience for everyone who walks through their doors. In a nutshell, it’s all about the people. YOU FIRST means:

  • Your very own pot of freshly brewed Sunrise Select Coffee.
  • The choice to substitute cholesterol-free eggs or egg whites at no additional charge.
  • The peace of mind knowing you’re never charged an automatic gratuity – no matter the size or your party.
  • The choice to share food. Just ask tor another plate, No biggie and of course, no charge.
  • FREE newspapers and Wl-FI every day.
  • The ability to order anything on our menu any time of day.
  • Friendly, courteous service.
  • Your meal was delivered quickly.
  • Your food is prepared just the way you like it – and if we can, we will.
  • The pleasure of taking your sweet time to enjoy every minute of your First Watch experience.
  • Community Involvement

At First Watch they love their communities more than bacon. That’s why they’ve partnered with awesome organizations like Share Our Strength for years – to help give back to the communities that have given First Watch so much. First Watch supports community events through sponsorships and in-kind donations.

Their work with organizations isn’t the only way First Watch is giving back to their local community. They are also a proud participant in our Sponsor A Highway program, with 3 signs along the Atlanta highway, their commitment to the community is inspiring.

There’s a lot more to learn about First Watch, our culture and philosophies, employee benefits and programs, and why we love what we do and you can read more on their website.