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We welcome one of our newest sponsors to Adopt A Highway®, Futures in Education. The school’s commitment to providing students with a complete education includes their concern for clean and safe highways for the community. This solution contributes to everyone who travels Grand Central Parkway through Queens, New York.


Futures in Education was established in 1989; its mission is to ensure that the gift of an excellent Catholic education continues to be a viable option for deserving students in Brooklyn and Queens. They provide assistance to the neediest of those students, regardless of their religious denomination, through endowment funds and fundraising programs that focus on key educational priorities.

  • Scholarships and Tuition Assistance
  • Programmatic Support
  • Alumni Outreach and School Fundraising Programs
  • Capital Improvements




  • Elementary: 86 schools, 27,394 students
  • Secondary: 18 schools, 12,300 students
  • Total: 104 schools, 39,694 students

Minority Students

  •  More than 60% of students are minorities; almost 24% are non-Catholic

Cost Efficient

  • Per pupil spending averages $5,650 compared to $20,226 per pupil in NYC public schools; savings to NYC taxpayers – over $800 million per year

Average Tuition

  • The average tuition in Diocesan Catholic elementary schools of $4,250 covers only 75% of costs; the rest comes primarily from fundraising and donations

Our 8th Grade Results

  • 74% will attend Catholic or other private/specialized high schools.
  •  538 were offered $8,838,220 in merit-based scholarships to attend these high schools
  • 63 were accepted into specialized schools
  • 99% of students in Catholic secondary schools graduate within four years; compared to 61.3% for NYC high schools
  • 98% of students in Catholic secondary schools go on to college
  • Only 31.4% of NYC high school grads are college ready
  • ELA and 8th grade Math test results consistently outpaced NYS and NYC schools



Futures in Education funding sources are Special Events (Annual Scholarship Fund Dinner, Joe DiMaggio Award Dinner, Angels on the Fairway Golf Outing, Bishop’s Christmas Luncheon, and Spirit of Christmas Concert), Corporate and Individual Gifts, Endowment Fund, and Foundation Grants. They have many Donor Programs to sponsor students and help provide assistance with school tuition.

To learn more about the sponsorship programs, please visit the Angel Program page on

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