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Park City Painting’s expert professional employees have over 30 years of combined experience in performing an effective complete finish in a clean and orderly matter. Park City Painting specializes in exterior and interior re-paints for Residential, Property Management Companies, and Homeowner Associations. They remove wallpaper, faux and glaze, drywall repairs, textures, staining and lacquers, varnishing stripping, cabinets re-finishing, Log homes, decks, stucco, sidings, and other finishes.

Park City Painting was also one of the official painters of the 2002 Winter Olympics and worked on all 15 venues for the look Installations. With their combined experience and professional employees, Park City Painting provides quality services for all project needs.


Utah is one of the fasted growing states for Sponsor A Highway® and AHMC covers a vast majority of highways in and around Great Salt Lake. Park City Painting has been a sponsor with the Utah Sponsor A Highway®Program since 2013 and currently has two signs!

Also available in Utah is the new ramp program where sponsors can receive a smaller sign along the on and off-ramps for a smaller monthly fee!

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