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Stag’s Leap Wine Cellars is one of California’s earliest wine estates; a unique terroir and ideal microclimate support a classical standard of viticulture, land use, and winemaking. Stags’ Leap Winery is a hidden gem in the highly acclaimed Stags Leap District. Located off a long, private road, their nineteenth-century stone winery and Victorian-era Manor House are nestled against the Stags Leap Palisades east of the Silverado Trail.

The Stags’ Leap Estate was founded by Horace Chase and his uncle, W.W. Thompson. By 1891, the Manor House was constructed and was a fashionable country resort in the mid-twentieth century. The stone Manor House and historic gardens were popular with the Hollywood elite, legends of bootleggers and gangsters, ghosts, and gypsies.

Wine production has been interrupted periodically since the first Chase vintage due to financial reversals, Prohibition, and war; however, wine grapes have been grown continuously on the estate since its founding.

Stags’ Leap has been home to three major family groups through the modern revitalization of the winery that began in the 1970s.





For more information, please visit the history of Stag’s Leap Estate.

In 2009, Christophe Paubert’s joined Stags Leap as a winemaker. From the hand-picked and hand-sorted fruit to the oak barrels aging in caves carved out of the solid rock of the mountain, his methods are simple and traditional, the way he learned in France. The Stags’ Leap estate is about intense wines yet soft tannins; balanced winemaking brings these qualities to the bottle. His goal is to convey the essence of this world-class terroir from the grape to the glass, to create handcrafted wines that tell an authentic story of the land on which they are grown.


We would like to thank Stags’ Leap Wine Cellars for their 17-year partnership with the Adopt A Highway® program. Since 1999, sponsoring their two signs has continuously maintained the highways in Napa County. This unique long-term commitment to the community for safer and cleaner highways is exceptionally impressive!


“I believe that wine should express the uniqueness of the land.” – Christophe Paubert

For more information, please visit Stags’ Leap Winery

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