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Since 2000, Stout Homes has strived to create a space that exceeds their client’s expectations. They construct dazzling designs and customize masterpieces for their clients to enjoy and cherish for years to come. From kitchen remodels to new roofing, Stout Home’s attention to detail sets them apart from the competition. Christopher Stout and his team understand that home improvements require a personal touch to meet each household’s unique style, and their experts seem to nail it every time.

As a father of three, Christopher Stout understands the importance of having a haven to call home— this should be a space where much-needed family time can commence, and making improvements to homes is something that gives the company pride. When the building team begins a job, they understand that their renovations are designed to make each home more comfortable, and create a space for making memories

As Stout Homes continue to grow, Christopher and his team have decided to extend their passion for renovation to more than just home improvements. In 2016, they began their sponsorship in the New York Adopt A Highway® Program, and the rest is history! Two years of commitment to the program, and we are proud to report that Stout Homes has decided to sponsor another sign! These signs are a symbol of Stout Home’s unwavering commitment to keep the Staten Island community safe and clean.

For more information about Stout Homes Inc. visit:

For more information about the New York Adopt A Highway® Program or to sponsor your own sign call: 800-200-0003.