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Two brothers, Michael and Richard Kwesell started with 3 plants in a closet. They opened Strawberry Fields’ location in 2010 and now proudly run five facilities in Colorado Springs, Trinidad, Downieville, and 2 recreational facilities in Pueblo, Colorado. They currently employ more than 100 employees.


Strawberry Fields takes immense care in their cultivation techniques and provides safe award-winning medical marijuana for those in need. They believe wholeheartedly in all the benefits that Medical Marijuana has to offer and provide those services in the most professional, comfortable, and friendly environment.

Their expertise and years of experience in producing a wide range of expertly crafted products have made them the go-to location for many of Colorado’s residents as they look to expand into other markets as more states vote to legalize marijuana consumption.


To provide and ensure the quality and safety of their cannabis products, they test with Aurum Labs. “Aurum Labs is dedicated to being a sound scientific resource for cannabis testing, as well as for process development and consulting.”


Strawberry Fields has been operating in Colorado for almost eight years. They stand behind their product. They have put into place a vigorous bio-control program and use zero pesticides. They produce the cleanest and safest marijuana possible for their clients. When patients come in, they are greeted by highly-trained support staff wearing a professional uniform and a smile and who are all trained to make their customers feel like they receive royal treatment.

The company also places a big emphasis on consumer education, providing information and brochures to customers that cover things like possession laws, buying limits, labelling requirements, and even a warning for pregnant women.

Strawberry fields realizes the importance of setting themselves from their competition.  They do this by high level of product and outstanding customer service. That is why they have chosen to join the Adopt A Highway® program. They extend their service outside their business walls to the whole community by sponsoring 6 signs in the Colorado area. They believe in supporting the community that supports them!

For more information please go to Strawberry Fields.