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Formed in 1955 on the principle of “people helping people,” TDECU continues to show passion for service and value to financially underserved communities. The idea for TDECU came from a group of Dow employees who came together to loan their friend $35 to purchase a new refrigerator. Over the past 60 years, that $35 loan has turned into over $3 billion in loans. They are now the largest credit union in Houston and the fourth largest in the state of Texas.

TDECU prides itself on its improved lives and the communities they have helped. In 2004 they developed new service standards that outlined their dedication to going beyond the call of duty to serve their members. Throughout the financial crisis in 2008, they remained committed to providing free checking and low or no-fee product offerings. This demonstrates TDECU’s loyalty to its members regardless of the financial climate.

Their dedication to the local areas they serve goes beyond their office work. Each TDECU employee is given twenty-four paid hours annually to give back to the community. TDECU’s presence is seen and felt in each local area. Their volunteer efforts, donations, and charitable partnerships are examples of the lengths TDECU goes to to ensure they are genuinely making a difference. So far, in 2017, TDECU has partnered with the University of Houston Career Services and Rebuilding Houston to provide free renovations for elderly, low-income, disabled, and veteran homeowners. Also, as a part of TDECU’s company-wide Discover Day of service, over 750 employees volunteered at local Boys & Girls Clubs in Texas.

We are proud to partner with TDECU, a company deeply committed to making a difference through the Texas Sponsor A Highway® program.

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