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The first Habit Burger Grill opened in 1969, in a little coastal area of Santa Barbara, California. An entrepreneurial young employee and his equally enterprising brother were on a mission to provide a great burger at a great price! They borrowed money from their mom to buy the unassuming restaurant.


Their concern for freshness began with daily-baked buns from a local bakery and grilled them alongside perfectly seasoned beef until they were warm and toasty. They used the freshest California produce available. And, of course, they installed a stainless steel charbroiler with a cast-iron grill designed to sear smoky flavors into every burger. Once they earned a reputation for serving the tastiest burgers on the coast, the brothers developed their menu for other beach-inspired recipes—like a fresh-grilled albacore; a chicken sandwich topped with crisp bacon and velvety avocado; and crisp salads made to order. Yeah, one bite of a Charburger will transport you back to a time when two enterprising young brothers established what it means to MAKE IT A HABIT.


Forty years later, the Habit Burgers are located across the United States. And just as committed to serving up freshness and taste, Habit Burger is committed to its community and the environment. We thank the Habit Burgers for joining the Sponsor A Highway Program® and sponsoring 13 new signs throughout the Salt Lake area.


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