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After years of developing proprietary genetics and taking a meticulous approach to produce their product, one of the state’s top growers is putting a name to its sought-after product: Veritas Fine Cannabis. Veritas is the best product on the market for consumers who care about product quality and consistency.

Veritas started growing cannabis when it was first legalized in 2009, and in this time have learned a great deal about the best methods for producing and the best strains for any number of uses. To our team, cannabis is a personal experience that can be used to accentuate the best parts of life. We genuinely believe that great cannabis makes the good times higher.

In 2014, they were awarded the first wholesale-only grow license in the state of Colorado, at which time they started construction on a 12,500-square-foot grow facility.

Their facility represents the knowledge gained from this labor of love and is ideally suited to allow them to continue growing the most consistent, beautiful, and best-tasting recreational cannabis in the state. Having experienced high demand when sold through white-labeling, in the summer of 2016, Veritas began an expansion that will eventually double the size of their grow – allowing them to provide the entire state with their unique top-shelf flower.

“Most exciting of all, beginning in July 2016, our product is being sold as Veritas, the Latin word for truth, at dispensaries across the state…”

With their proprietary genetics and a commitment to doing things the hard way, one plant and one day at a time, customers from around the world can purchase a consistent product that behaves as advertised, all while enjoying their own unique Colorado experience.


The Process

Because of this commitment, Veritas Fine Cannabis is hand-crafted throughout growth and production.

  • The Seed
  • Vegetation
  • Flower
  • The Cure
  • The Trim
  • Packaging

At Veritas, they are constantly cultivating new and exciting seasonal strains while maintaining their heirloom offerings. They currently offer 10 strains of gourmet cannabis, with seasonal additions procured to highlight Colorado’s unique activities throughout the year. Each strain is labeled according to its look, smell, taste, and effect and will include THC/CBD content as well as other cannabinoids, verified by independent testing.

You can read more about Veritas on their website:

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