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Out of home (OOH) media is made up of more than 100 different formats, with the major and more commonly used categories including billboards, street furniture, transit, and alternative media.

While outdoor media has a number of strategic uses, it can be confusing when trying to determine what features relate directly to what benefits, especially when there are so many forms of outdoor media available.

We have found that the Adopt a Highway Program falls into a very unique category of outdoor media and provides the maximum benefits to you and your business for the least amount of time and money.
The chart below shows how some of these benefits and features match up with the services provided by the Adopt a Highway & Sponsor a Highway Programs.

Strategic Uses of Outdoor Media

Every day the use of out of home media is proving to be more and more effective, so whether you are a small business owner or you work for a large corporation… don’t miss out on a great opportunity to join the Adopt a Highway Program and leave a lasting impression on hundreds of thousands of potential consumers every day.

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