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Texas Sponsor A Highway®, a company of Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation, is excited to announce that not only our newest but LARGEST market for the Corporate Sponsor A Highway® Program is now open and available for immediate sponsorship in Texas!

What started out as a pilot program in 1985 in the state of Texas has now grown into a nationally recognized program where Adopt-A-Highway volunteers and corporate sponsors work hard to keep the Texas-born program going strong. Until this year, the state of Texas only allowed organizations and groups to sponsor as part of the volunteer program, which requires members of the program to go out and clean up trash themselves.

The Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program (not to be confused with the Texas “Adopt-A-Highway” volunteer program), allows businesses and organizations to sponsor roadside maintenance in exchange for a monthly fee.  A businesses’ sponsorship will include a recognition panel on a Sponsor A Highway® sign with their company name and logo that is placed directly alongside some of Texas’ busiest roadways in one-mile increments.

Sign locations will be available in five major metropolitan cities, including Austin, Fort Worth, Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio.

As one of the many businesses to join the new Texas Sponsor A Highway® program, you will get first choice on sign locations and will have a large amount of availability to choose from. Choose a location near your business, or choose 10 sites in the neighboring area to help brand your business to the local community.

Gain recognition for your community involvement and make your mark on improving the environment through the Sponsor A Highway® program. Your contribution will keep the communities in which you do business safe and looking beautiful, you will also be responsible for improving the quality of the environment along with the many other companies that believe in this proven program.

Sponsors with the Sponsor A Highway® program leave lasting impressions with hundreds of thousands of motorists daily in the communities they sponsor. Traffic volume, which is referred to as “Average Daily Traffic” or “ADT” ranges in Texas from a low of 35,000 vehicles to a high of 315,000 vehicles per day, depending on the different significant roadways.

The average vehicle carries 1.8 passengers per car, delivering 63,000 to 567,000 impressions daily!! That’s less than .20 cents per impression!

Sponsor Testimonials:

“Millions of people see our sign every month. We view this as a way to help serve our community; drivers will also connect that message to us as the place to buy their next Toyota. For the price, it was really an easy decision.”

– Suzanne Castaneda, Director of Marketing

Longo Toyota

“Cracker Barrel employees have pride in their hometowns. We sponsor many miles of interstate, and our guests tell us they appreciate our commitment to the community. This partnership extends our brand of hospitality beyond the rockers on our front porch.”

– Mary Lancaster, Marketing Services Coordinator

Cracker Barrel Old Country Store, Inc.

We are excited to work with new and existing sponsors to grow this program into everything it can possibly be. It doesn’t matter if you are a local pizza shop or a large corporation with locations all across the nation; the Texas Sponsor A Highway® program has opportunities for everyone.

Demand for these locations is high and availability won’t last long so call today for more information on how you can become one of the very first sponsors to join the Texas Sponsor A Highway® Program!

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