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Have you ever noticed that the organizations that you donate to tell a story about you?

On Giving Tuesday, at Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation®, our President, Patricia Nelson, gave all employees the gift of giving. I’m sure you’re wondering what that means— here it is!

We were all delighted to find out that we were given the opportunity to choose an organization in which a donation will be sent in each of our names. Put simply, our President wanted to offer a kind gesture to show us all that the causes we believe are important have great value. Within minutes the responses flooded in! As a company that believes in the importance of giving back, it was remarkable to see Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® giving back to over 30 different charitable organizations!

For those of you that are new to our brand, we welcome you with a little insight about us. At Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation®, we provide an avenue for sponsors that want to address a litter issue that is plaguing the highways. Over the past 30 years, we have recognized sponsors that are passionate about improving the local communities by removing litter and debris from cluttering the road. Just as we partner with sponsors that are passionate about giving back to the community, we find employees that share the same zeal.

For this reason, the gift we were all able to give was a clear depiction of what it means to work for Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation®. We are encouraged and supported each day by our President to be passionate individuals that care about social responsibility, the environment, and our community. As the emails continued to roll in, we began to see an array of different charity names that our team is enthusiastic about supporting. Seeing the names of the various charities begged the question— why are each of us passionate about such different organizations? The answer was simple; we just needed to learn the story behind each donation request. From the Alzheimer’s Association in memory of a beloved father to the Cancer League of Colorado in remembrance of a grandmother who lost her battle years ago— each donation request was chosen with a specific reason in mind.

With each donation request, we gained a little more insight into the people we share an office with every day. Yes, we share a passion for the work we do but do we always take the time to get to know the remarkable people around us?

As we began to buzz about our Giving Tuesday, we started to reflect on the other organizations that we donate to as a company— National Disaster Search Dog Foundation, Camp Arrowhead American Veterans’ Recreation Association, as well as the New York Restoration Project. From training recuse dogs to work with their first responder handlers, to rehabilitating the veterans that have defended our country, to transforming open spaces in under-resourced communities in New York— all these organizations tell a story about what we hold dear. We value charities that support all living entities— whether they are people, plants, or animals— they all have value to us at Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation®.

On this Giving Tuesday, we watched first-hand how the actions of one person can create a ripple effect. One email was sent throughout the company, and within minutes we were all empowered to give back. So, here’s where we need all of you! We encourage you to make waves and start this trend in your office! Challenge the leaders that be and encourage them to allow everyone to have a say in the organizations your company gives back to this holiday season. You may be surprised and delighted by what you learn about your coworkers.