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The Start of Something Beautiful

Georgia Department of Transportation (GDOT) launched its first-ever litter initiative back in October of 2020 with the desire to preserve the state’s postcard-worthy landscapes.  The picturesque views that led their campaign, serve as a reminder to Georgians of the necessity to maintain their state’s natural beauty.  Our team at Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® couldn’t agree more, which is why we were eager to join forces with Georgia Sponsor A Highway® Program to work towards our common goal.

Red car driving down a highway with a Georgia lake on the right hand side.

We’ve Got Georgia on Our Mind

The Summer of 2021 was one for the books at Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation®, as it kicked off our collaboration with GDOT on their Keep It Clean Georgia campaign for the Georgia Sponsor A Highway® Program.

Georgia Road Trip Collaboration with Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation

The summer leg of the litter campaign was tailored to be a little more interactive for Georgians and visitors alike. It incorporates popular travel destinations across the state— showcasing the state’s beauty.

Keep It Clean Georgia

With the desire to bring a modern feel to the highway sponsorship program, GDOT decided to revamp the current highway sponsor sign design. The goal was to create a modern and clean feel to the highway sponsorship sign, all the while, utilizing the new iconic  Keep It Clean Georgia logo for the Georgia Sponsor A Highway® Program.

The Georgia Department of Transportation and Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® are excited for where the 2022 road will take us, as we work to make it cleaner and safer for all Georgians and visitors alike! Make sure to keep an eye out for the state’s new Sponsor-A-Highway sign design!

(Traditional Design)                                                 (Reimagined Design)

Georgia Sponsor A Highway sign with blue bird on branch as the design

Lend A Hand

With litter becoming a rising problem nationwide, many DOTs can benefit from adopting a similar initiative as Georgia did. The Keep It Clean Georgia initiative helped urge individuals to do their part while, like-minded organizations, such as Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation®, helped recruit local businesses from the area to give back to their community.  Highway safety and environmental awareness are crucial for every community, but it won’t happen alone.

For more information on how you can help beautify the Georgia community, while also gaining positive brand recognition, visit our Georgia Sponsor A Highway® page!