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With Social Media Marketing constantly pushing its way to the forefront, many companies are turning to experts for “advice” on how to best utilize every outlet that social media has to offer.

With so many forms of social networking besides business networks like LinkedIn, professionals and businesses are being faced with the challenge of reaching potential consumers outside of a business-to-business market. With popular sites like FacebookTwitter, and Pinterest giving us friends, followers, and dedicated fans, companies now have the ability tailor their marketing to meet a very specific target group of people… The question being raised is…


 Is this done through surveys?

Through contests?

With Hashtags?

Regular daily updates?

By Blogging?

Through Sharing?

Our heads are spinning with so many different ideas… Where do we even begin?!


Like other businesses, AHMC focuses its marketing on reaching all different types of audiences as effectively and efficiently as possible. It’s good to know what works for your business… but sometimes trying something new and unknown can have its benefits as well. With all this buzz going around about social media marketing, we too, have enlisted in the help of experts on how to best utilize these different outlets for our own marketing purposes.

Surprisingly, the answers have been few and far between, but one company however, was able to break it down in a way that really began to make sense. When it comes to social media, there’s a lot of misguided advice floating around. Mainly because the difference between Social Media Networks and Business-to-Business Networks is that social media is very much driven by people’s beliefs and opinions rather than professional cold hard facts. While we have the ability to track and pull statistics from social networks, business professionals utilize these sites for personal use as well as for business use, so when it comes to giving advice regarding the two, sometimes that line can get skewed.

If you aren’t familiar with the company HubSpot, you should spend some time checking them out. Thanks toHubSpot’s Inbound Marketing Blog, our entire marketing team is constantly receiving an overabundance of information about sales and marketing that has truly been worth reading.


In fact, we recently came across one of their blogs titled,“30 Terrible Pieces of Social Media Advice You Should Ignore”, which actually inspired this blog of our own.

It provided us with some very valuable insight when it comes to Social Media. Not by telling us what we shoulddo… but by giving us some direction and consideration as far as what NOT to do. We began to realize that because every business is different and since products, services, and their consumers are constantly changing… Social Media is going to develop and evolve as trends come and go.

While marketing will continue to require a creative edge in order to capture the right audience effectively, it looks like Social Media Marketing is going to continue keeping us on our toes!

Regardless, thanks HubSpot for drawing the line!

You can read the full article here.


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