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When you hear about the Sponsor A Highway® Program, you probably assume it is a government-operated program. Don’t worry; you will find that this is a common misconception. Since few people are familiar with how it works, they are typically unaware of the benefits that the program can provide to both your company and your local community near you as well. There are many reasons why you should participate in the Sponsor A Highway® Program, but here are three.

Three Benefits of Sponsoring a Highway

Increased Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is an important component to increasing exposure of not only your brand but the products and services you offer to potential customers as well. Unfortunately, in the digital world that we live in, if your company does not show up as one of the top internet searches, then it can easily be overlooked. Sponsoring a highway can prove to increase your brand awareness, by offering exposure to potential customers 24 hours a day, all year long. Since most highways have about 50 million cars traveling on them within a year, it provides an opportunity to reach a large variety of potential customers.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Companies today are not only facing a competitive environment regarding the products and services they offer customers but also in their implementation of CSR in their company culture. According to an article published in Triple Pundit, “90 percent of global Fortune 350 companies now publish annual CR reports that outline the positive impact of their efforts” (Triple Pundit, 2015). Companies that choose to participate in programs such as this can show their community that they want to find ways to give back, and that is why exposure such as this is so significant in the business world that we live.

Your Community Will Thank You

Did you know that litter removal costs are estimated at $11.5 billion each year in America (Keep America Beautiful, 2010)? The Sponsor A Highway ® Program helps to offset the costs of litter removal across the United States DOT’s (Department of Transportation). Since the funding comes from our corporate sponsors, a portion of their proceeds will fund the cleaning of the section of the road that they sponsor. Not only is it positive exposure for your brand, but it also benefits the community by offering increased safety when driving on the sponsored highways.

Since 1990, our program has helped remove 4.5 million pounds of trash across the 22 states we serve. With stats like these, why wouldn’t you want to sponsor a highway? For more information about Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® and the Sponsor A Highway® Program, visit or call 1-800-200-0003 today!


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