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Did you know that better waste management practices could mean financial improvements as well? The typical hesitation regarding implementing better sustainability practices stems from the fear of increased cost. By making small adjustments to daily operational tasks, your company can help the planet, as well as make minor improvements to your budget. To successfully begin making changes, it’s ideal to focus on smaller and more manageable tasks that don’t require a significant monetary investment.

Reusable Cups Are So In

Replacing disposable coffee cups with reusable mugs is a simple way to decrease the volume of trash accumulated in your office. In this scenario let’s pretend that your office has 36 employees who each consumes two 12oz cups of coffee a day. If your company purchases disposable coffee cups that cost 11 cents per cup, you will spend roughly $2,000 per year in cups alone! Buying $5 reusable ceramic mugs for employees will require a one-time purchase of $150 for 36 staff members. Do you see how one small change in your supply purchasing can save a substantial amount of money? Supplying employees with ceramic mugs will eliminate unnecessary waste, without changing their coffee consumption habits.

Save the Trees

The second waste management tip is so simple that it will make your head spin! By printing on both sides of the paper, you will reduce your office paper consumption significantly. Based on an article released by Cleveland State University Ohio, an office uses approximately 10,000 sheets of paper each year (“Paper Facts Printing Facts” p. 1). Merely changing the print settings on computers in the office to print on both sides will not only save trees but also cut your yearly paper expense in half.

Recycling Can Be Fun

Now that we have talked about reducing waste in the office, what should you do with the garbage that still exists? The answer is simple; it’s time to start recycling! Here at Adopt A Highway Maintenance Corporation® we have found that this is one of the most straightforward changes to implement in the office. We encourage everyone to recycle their cans and plastic bottles, thus improving waste management efforts on items that are used daily. As a “thank you” to your staff for their diligence in making the earth a little “greener,” you can invest the money received from recycling into fun treats for the entire office to enjoy.

Comment and Share

The most challenging side of making eco-friendly changes is not creating ideas, but the implementation process itself. That’s why it is crucial for top management to enforce the practices that work best for their specific organization. Try any of these office tips and tell us how it’s going in the comment section below. If you have found some other interesting tips, then please keep us informed! Trust me, we all want to hear how to improve our waste management efforts without breaking the bank!


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