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As a partner in the Pennsylvania Sponsor A Highway® Program, is keeping the highways safer and cleaner for motorists traveling throughout the state of Pennsylvania.

They are giving back to the community through its participation in the Pennsylvania Sponsor A Highway® Program. By becoming a highway sponsor, is funding litter-removal efforts across 16 miles of highway throughout Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.

These litter-removal services promote improved drivers’ safety and environmental awareness. As a sponsor of 16 highway signs, they are making it clear that the company is taking a stand against highway litter. They hope to be an example to local businesses about the importance of giving back to the community.

As corporate social responsibility becomes increasingly important to incorporate into each business’s company culture, they are proving to be proactive in its altruistic efforts. As you drive throughout Pennsylvania, look out for’s sponsored highway signs, and remember that each sign signifies a commitment to improving the environment and community at large. was founded by a team of entrepreneurs who are passionate about education. They have created easy-to-understand guides to make entrepreneurship accessible to everyone who has the right determination. To date, has already helped over 250,000 Americans start their business.

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