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The American Automobile Association (AAA) just released their American Driver Survey, and interestingly enough, the survey shows a large amount of growth in the daily mileage of drivers between 2009 and 2014 which is very promising for Out Of Home Advertising!

The data for the survey was collected over the course of one year (May 2013 – May 31, 2014) and was taken from 3,319 drivers nationwide.

Some key facts from the survey include:

  • Drivers 16 and older drive, on average, 29.2 miles per day or 10,658 miles a year, up  from 29.0 miles per day in 2009
  • Among Adults 16-34, miles per day grew a whopping 20%
  • There is a direct correlation between level of education and daily miles driven, with the most educated segment of the population driving the most
  • Men reported driving more miles than women
  • Caucasians reported driving more miles than respondents of other races, with Hispanic respondents reported driving the least
  • Teenagers and drivers ages 75+ also drive significantly fewer miles on average
  • About 50% of all miles driven are in a car, and another 40% in an SUV or pickup truck (van, minivan, and motorcycles are the other 10%)
  • People drive, on average, more on weekdays and less on weekends


From OAAA:

“OOH reaches consumers during the 70 percent of waking hours they’re away from home – and especially when they’re on the road. The Arbitron OOH advertising study found:

  • Almost 90% of Americans aged 18 or older have traveled the roads or rails in a vehicle in the past month including cars, trucks, buses, taxis, commuter rails and subways.
  • Time spent exposed to OOH media is significant with the average time spent traveling over 20 hours per week and covering 169 miles.
  • OOH media viewership is high. 75% of total US adults have noticed advertising on static billboards, digital billboards, sides of public buses, bus shelters, taxi cabs, commuter rails, subways or any street level advertising such as kiosks or newspaper stands in the past month; and viewership among travelers is 84%.”


How Sponsor A Highway® Can Help:

With OOH continuing to prove year-over-year that it is a successful form of media for marketing and advertising, the Sponsor A Highway® Program falls within its own special niche of this category allowing businesses to get their name and logo directly on some of America’s busiest and most highly traveled roadways.

With statistics like the above showing significant changes in driving behavior and overall increases in miles driven, the Sponsor A Highway® Program is a great way to gain additional exposure for your business at a low monthly cost.

One of the many benefits of the Sponsor A Highway® program is the environmental aspect. In exchange for a monthly fee, Adopt A Highway crew members go out and remove litter and debris from a business-sponsored area, contributing to cleaner and safer roadways. This connects businesses that join the program with the community, providing a sense of environmental care, and together we work with our sponsors to make a difference.

Whether you are a large corporation looking for an environmental opportunity that will provide you and your employees with an additional sense of Corporate Social Responsibility or a smaller business trying to gain exposure for your brand, this is the program for you!

For more information, call 800.200.0003 or email us at

To read the full article, visit the link here.

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